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*Fee are subject to change without prior notice

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  • NO Listing fees
  • NO Membership fees
  • NO bank transfer & cheques payment handling fee
  • Revenue Transfer every 20th

Commission fee on the product price will be charged by Greennomarket and PayPal fees (if settled by Paypal) on each successful transaction.


Greennomarket Commission
Only on successful transaction*
(*7.5% for NPO and Social Enterprise)

For transaction via Paypal gateway, additional service charge from below will be:

China/HK/Taiwan3.9% + HKD2.35
International4.4% + HKD2.35

If a HK customer ordered a bag from HK shop for HKD150 and delivery fee, as set by ship, is HKD10.

Product price: $150
Delivery fee: $10
PayPal fee: $8.59[(150 + 10)*3.9% + 2.35]
Greennomarket fee: $22.5 [150*15%]

Shop Earn (if customer NOT paid via PayPal):
$160 - 22.5 = $137.5

Shop Earn (if customer paid via PayPal):
$160 - 31.09 = $128.91


  1. If your bank's currenct is not HKD, the amount in your currency may very based on changes in the exchange rate.
  2. Additional Invoice from Seller to Buyer will be treated as an new individual order, i.e. Greennomarket commission rate and PayPal fee (if suitable) will be posted.

*Paypal additional service charge can be changed prior notice, for details please refer to www.paypal.com

Simple, But Flexible
You have life to enjoy, so let us help on saving your time. No matter you are experienced on online selling or not, you deserve the best.

Manage your business anytime & anywhere
Greennomarket website is mobile-responsive*, so even when you are waiting for bus or having lunch outside, you can check your shop anytime, anywhere. (*Coming soon in Augest, 2016)

Delivery can be easy
Greennomarket has offlinee pick-up points for you to use in delivering goods to customers. Or want to deliver by courier? Face-to-face in MTR station? Feel free to set your own delivery policy.

Analytics to view your business in seconds
How many transaction made in the past year? How much for the total transaction amount so far? You can always check your figures at the control panel.

Payment in all means
Greennomarket accept both online and offline payment method: PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, or even Cheque! Everyone can pay for your goods with ease now.

Support You as Always
Every seller is different and therefore in different needs. With support and reference materials, Greennomarket will be nearby you as always.

Talk to us
Reach our staff by email or request a phone call whenever you want.

Tell us any suggestion, we are happy to hear from you.

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What can you sell on Greennomarket?






Greennomarket is a marketplace for Green and Innovative. You are welcomed to sell handmade goods, branded goods, craft supplies or more on Greennomarket.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about selling on Greennomarket

Do Greennomarket charge any fee?
Joining and starting a shop on Greennomarket is completely free. There is even no restriction on your product price range and quantity of goods on shelf. It cost $0 for you to publish a listing to the market. A listing lasts until it is sold.

Greennomarket will charge only when you earn: For every successful transaction, there is a 7.5% or 15% of transaction fee on the sales price (not including shipping costs). If the transaction is settled by PayPal, there is also a payment processing fee based on their fee structure.

Do I need a business registration to prove my identity?
No, Unless you are a registered NPO or social enterprise recognised by HKCSS and would like to enjoy 7.5% discount of Greennomarket commission fee, shop on Greennomarket can be opened by individual base. To be verified as a seller and receive payment from Greennomarket afterwards, you may choose to provide your PayPal account or details for cheque posting. No charges will be incurred until you have your 1st sales on Greennomarket.

What do I need to do to create a shop?
No worries, it is easy. Create an Greennomarket account or log in yours, then go to the application form here or buttons on “Be A Seller”; Follow instructions to complete and then submit. After your seller application is approved, you will receive an notification email from Greennomarket. Now if you log in your account, you will see a shop button on your control panel, click and start listing your goods in the section of “My Products”.

What can I sell on Greennomarket ? How do you define “Green” & “Innovative” ?
Greennomarket aims to provide a marketplace for designers, brands and collectors to sell their goods which can enhance living standard without harming our society. “Green” is a lifestyle that we focus on the connection with people and nature. “Innovative” is idea that introduce people a smarter way of living.
Generally speaking we have 5 product categories on Greennomarket like Apparel, Food and Others. Each of them has sub categories like clothes under Apparel. Besides using category and sub category to group products, shop owner can utilise our function of # Tags to specify goods’ features for customers’ ease in finding you.

How do I get paid?
You can choose to get paid by cheque or payment transfer via PayPal account. Cheque will be posted or payment will be transferred via PayPal account on or before 20th of each month. You will also receive our monthly report via email.

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